Award Winning Treatment


Using Bioslimming allows women to target their problem areas with precision.  Bioslimming addresses the problem at its core and this is one of the reasons why women who use Bioslimming  are so successful in quickly reducing the appearance of their cellulite and fat over laoded on their stomach, hips and thighs.

A Revolution In Body Wraps


 No Fuss, No Mess, Easy to Use

No in spa shower required

Non Compression, Bangage Free Wrap

Slims, Firms adn Tones
Elimates Toxins

Induces Lipolysis and Fat Burning

Increases Comsumption of Calories

Improves appearance of stretch marks

About The Wrap


Bioslimming professional wraps are exclusive to high end spas.  The products have been scientifically formulated to produce exceptional results  from the first treatment.  They are extremely effective reducing fat and the appearance of cellulite by 47% after the first treatment and up to 67% in less than 4 weeks.

6 to 12 Sessions are recommended 

3 Wraps Maximum per week

Bioslimming Redefines Your Curves


Unique formula combining a multitude of plant extracts, high concentration of caffeine, essential oils, Algae extract and thermo agents (more than 60% natural active ingredients).

4 Step Process


Step 1:  Detox Base:  Used all over for detoxifying and increasing the circulation.

Step 2 :  Active Slim Gel:  Used on the thighs for reducing appearance of cellulite and firming skin.

Step 3:  Active Slim Cream: is used on the arms and stomach to dramtically  breakdown the rebel of fat and tighten.

Step 4:  After 30 minutes of being wrapped in a warm blanket the fourth get is massaged into the skin on all 4 areas of the body starting the thermogenic process. 

Ask About Bioslimming Take Home Kits


Bioslimming  Trio take home kits are available to enhance and maintain results.