Electro-slim Body Sculpting

Electro-slim Weight Loss Therapy is an exclusive custom software program that specializes in specific body sculpting thru the use of skin contact electrodes.  The electrodes deliver waves of pulses with a repetitive variable pulse frequency to specific targeted areas to sculpt and reshape the body.  These pulse waves produce rhythmic and powerful muscle contractions that result in both muscle rehabilitation and rapid fat reduction.  The  personalized nutritional program coupled with the passive exercise of the particular muscle groups breaks down adipose tissue while simultaneously increasing blood circulation, resulting in localized tissue reduction, improved health and longevity.

Treatments are 1 hour long and are recommended , 2 - 4 times per week.  Neuromuscular technology is  Dr. recommended therapy (FDA approved equipment) with no side effects, only total health benefits. 

Cycles are 20 minutes each:

Circulation:  Created blood circulation.  Improves lymphatic drainage and boosts metabolism.  Muscles contract and release endorphin's to the brain so you feel related and rejuvenated.

Detox:  This cycle helps break down the fatty tissue and distribute excess waste through the form of fatty deposits through the liver and out of the body. 

Muscular Rehabilitation:  This cycle rebuilds, strengthens and tones muscle groups.  It helps you become more tone and results in inch loss.  It is the actual contracting and tightening of your muscles.