Wholistic Facials



Our facials are 100% All- Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free & Paraben Free

A vibrant glow signifies healthy skin. Earth Radiance offers uniquely customized farm-to-table edible aromatherapy facials applying raw and organic products to deliver potent rejuvenating nutrients, providing the vital support and healthy, balanced skin needs. 

Our approach to treating your skin in our wellness studio uses whole plant-based ingredients that are activated on the cellular level to repair the

skin’s barrier function. Our therapeutic facials stimulate the collagen and elastin properties and provide many other rejuvenating and healing benefits to improve the beauty of your skin inside and out.

We don’t follow conventional methods of chemical peels using the glycolic or salicylic acids to break down skin cells; our all-natural, organically sourced fruit acids and enzymes are mellow, they effectively work to dissolve surface-level dead skin cells, minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes, and provide you a more even skin tone. 

All our skin-therapy treatments have been focused on your skin’s unique needs that are ideal for all skin types from sensitive, mature, acne, rosacea, or one undergoing chemo-


Although we use advanced European facial techniques in our treatment room. Our non-commercial, chemical and paraben free products are developed using only whole plant and minerals. 

The essence of the wholistic wellbeing is captivated in our skin care from the ancient science called “Ayurveda” an old practice from India. Ayurveda seeks environmentally friendly ingredients that are easily available in nature to bring balance and harmony for self-care uniting the mind, body and skin.

“Man made syntenic chemicals are fatal to our alive skin”

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Types of Facials Offered

All of our edible aromatherapy facial treatments are personalized to meet each clients skin needs, to deliver potent nutrients, healthy circulation arising from the inside, signifycing a vibrant glow on the surface of your skin.

Each Earth Radiance Signature Facial Treatment Includes a skin Analysis, Exfoliation, Extractions Lyphatic Herbal Oil Massage of Back, Neck and Face, Treatment Mask with Arm Massage, Botanical Toner Mist, Treatment Serum, Firming Eye Gel and Treatment Moisturizer with UV Protection to suit  your Indiviual needs.

Nourishing Ayurvedic Facial

The custom therapy is focused to obtain your skins unique needs and concerns.  It will leave you looking radiant, relaxed and help improve the vitality of your skin.

60 minutes  $110  Includes back cleanse and arm massage

70 minutes  $135 includes back cleanse, arm & leg massage plus paraffin hand treatment

Add on $25  Magnesium thermal treatment for Legs or Back

Pore Purifying Facial

This therapeutic facial is customized to help neutralize the hormonal imbalances to clarify, nourish and heal redness and sensitivity.

60 Minutes  $120 Includes extractions followed with our electrical modality

Add on $30 for Kansa Massage to calm the inflammation (20 minutes)

Age Renewal - Anti Pollution Facial

Tired dull looking skin and starting to age?  Then let us customized this facial for you!.  This treatment is focused to lift, firm and tone the skin by stimulating collagen production and ciurculation revealing a healthy youthful glow instantly.

70 minutes $135  Includes Back cleanse, Arm & Leg Massage plus Paraffin hand treatment

Add on $25 for 15 additional minutes Magnesium thermal treatment for Legs or back.

Buy Six 80 minute sessions for $750 Anti Renewal / Anti-Pollution treatments to achieve the desired results

Mini Facial

30 minutes Nourishing Facials $49

Six 30 minute Nourishing Facials $43.50 each for a package price of $261

Excludes Back Cleanse, Skin Analysis, Extractions and Leg Massage.

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Kansa Wand Massage


The Kansa wand is employed over the skin the bronze metal begins to heat, due to high

electrical conductivity it effectively works with the body’s subtle electric fields and the

piezoelectricity that runs in the collagen layer and fascia. This therapy improves the

body's natural electrical balancing system. Kansa massage aids in lymphatic drainage, giving you the experience and pleasure of a

healthy body, clear mind and balanced life style.

Kansa facial massage: The holistic treatment of the Kansa massage revitalizes

the facial muscles, giving a gentle lift. It also helps tired eyes, by releasing stress and acidity around the eye area. Experience the glorious glow of healing wisdom, while erasing stress

30 Minutes $49

45 Minutes involves massage on the back, shoulder and neck 

Kansa Foot Massage: Standing all day? Or experiencing discomfort. This

treatment starts with a Himalayan salt scrub to melt away the tension in ligament,

and joint. It will help balance all the Ayurvedic dosha, detox your body, lighten

your step and brighten your mood.

45 Minutes $65

It is a non-invasive treatment designed for all skin types.

“Kansa” massage can be added to any of our facial treatments to bring general

calm and well-being."

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